Who we are

We are a group of people bringing different skills and experiences to the table. Mainly driven and coordinated by Sven, we are driving certain projects and bring in our expertise and efforts. It is very interesting to talk to different people with different backgrounds as it is important to see, accept and discuss multiple angles to a problem or task. We believe in the power of „we“ rather than „I“ and everybody’s opinion counts and is valuable.


Sven is an entrepreneur, a leader and a software engineer. He has worked in various roles and responsibilities for Bosch, TomTom and currently Vanderlande. He owns several patents and developed products from the idea to the final implementation. Together with the customers he can make services a success.

His background is Java development, architecting small and big systems in a cloud environment and using modern technologies like Flutter to also develop customer friendly applications. Together with his teams he owns all software development cycles in agile environments and applies best practice principles like DevOps (and also DevSecOps).

Sven likes to turn data into information and believes in the power of APIs to develop great and usable software. Being ready for the cloud and operate/maintain the things being developed is a must. A special interest is with IoT and how it can be used to assist people in their daily life.

He is and was a leader and mentor for several people and teams in his different roles. He knows about the problems of a software engineer, but also about the struggles a manager might have to lead and bring a team forward. He is working with heterogenous teams across multiple locations in different time zones.

If you are interested in seeing how he sees his role as a manager, then please continue reading his manager readme.

Partners and contributors

The partners for the different projects vary as sometimes different skills are needed or just the people have already enough on their plate and contribute only to selected projects. This is totally fine and respected. Here is a list of expertises which we can find amongst the partners:

  • Product management
    • Discovery, design, realisation
    • Lifecycle, market analysis, pricing
  • Software developers and leaders
    • Full-stack developers
    • Quality assurance
    • Operations
  • Sourcing specialists
    • Market overview and comparison, feature analysis, contracts
  • Business development
    • Sales and market overview